I am a freelance writer who writes mainly on illustration history and  criticism

Illustration Chronicles

I established Illustration Chronicles in 2015 as a way for me to learn more about the history of illustration. The website contains an ongoing series of essays that look at the images, illustrators and events of the past 175 years.

Every few months, the site picks a topic as a way to celebrate the diversity of the discipline. Previous topics have included: satire, music, animals and war.

In addition to writing essays on the site, Illustration Chronicles is also active on social media. Short histories are typically shared most days on both Instagram and Facebook.

Museums and Culture

I enjoy collaborating with museums and cultural institutions. In the past, I have developed a broad variety of in educational materials for both children and adults.

Below are a few examples from a series of family activity trails that I designed for young visitors to the Chester Beatty in Dublin.

This project was made in collaboration with the museum's Education Service to introduce visitors to many of the exciting treasures that are held within the museum's Western, Islamic and East Asian collections.

Other Writing

Design. Art. Culture.

I was previously a staff writer for the (now defunct) design, art and culture blog The Fox Is Black. During my time there I wrote 650 articles.

Books and Zines

I also produce small illustrated zines and books. Many of these can be purchased through my online shop.


To inquire about my availability for a writing opportunity, drop me an email: hello@philipkennedy.net