Family Activity Packs
Activity booklets for families visiting Dublin's Chester Beatty Library (2011)

During 2010 and 2011 I worked with the Education Services at Dublin's Chester Beatty Library to produce a series of activity booklets for families visiting the Museum. Each booklet contains a unique trail through the gallery which introduces children to the collection through fun activities and exciting information.

These booklets are currently available free of charge to the public and are designed for two age groups (5+ and 8+). In total there are twelve unique trails to take. Each booklet allows families to explore the Museum at their own pace, helping them to discover the collection in a fun and accessible way.

The project involved writing, designing and illustrating each booklet as well as creating a large number of unique puzzles and activities for each section of the collection.

Complete this picture of a mosque Booklets contain a range of activities inspired by the museum's collection

Playful illustrations were created to help children engage with the collection

How many books can you count?

The character of 'Finn' was designed as a 'tour guide' for the booklets

Finn helps to guide children through each collection ... when he's not taking a nap!

Drawing Pack

While working on the family activity booklets, I also created a guide for drawing in the museum aimed at adults and teenagers. With exhibitions based on Sir Alfred Chester Beatty's Western, Islamic and East-Asian Collections; the booklet helps to give a unique insight into the rich and diverse styles of drawing that can be seen on display.

Written and designed in collaboration with the Museum's Education Services, the booklet contains a series of fun exercises and activities to do in while visiting the Chester Beatty Library. These help the public to discover new skills and techniques, as well as give them a new appreciation for the art of drawing.

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